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 Token-TV: MOCKUP  

Rewind Recycle Pause EOF  Click once on a word to track, twice to analyze. 
A set of buttons are available to control the flow of information.
(These buttons don't work in the demo.)
Pause Pauses and re-starts the movie.
Recycle Quickly reviews all the frames viewed.
Rewind Re-starts the movie at the earliest available frame.
The default start for  Live  streams is at the current end.
EOF Re-starts the movie at the latest available frame.

The canvas at left shows a short segment of a token (word) movie. Tokens (keywords) are displayed in time from right to left; right is earlier so tokens move from right to left with time. Important tokens are boxed and connect to companion tokens. A clock in the corner gives the time span of the window.

You may notice a delay at the end of each frame as the app waits for the next token set. While waiting, the app will display a quick review of the last few frames

Click once on a token to highlight and track it's presence.


Paris Fashion WeekLivePMN Fashion
Protests (English)LivePMN Politics
Protestas (Español)LivePMN Politics
Libya BombingStaticPMN Politics
Channels marked  Live  are periodically updated. Channels marked  Static  are prerecorded. Click on the CHANNEL column to start a movie.